Le Corbusier

From Southern Polytechnic State University:

Le Corbusier

February 26- Feb. 28, 2009- Southern Polytechnic State University, Architecture Program

A utopian visionary, Le Corbusier was both innovative and influential in architecture, urbanism, art and theory. Across the world, his revolutionary designs were radical yet practical making him an instrumental figure in the development of Modernism. His buildings are credited with expressing a complex understanding of Modernity’s impact. Many of his ideas on urban living became the blueprint for post-war reconstruction, while the failures of his imitators led to his being blamed for the problems of modern urbanism. Since his death in 1965, Le Corbusier’s contributions have been hotly contested making him without a doubt one of the most admired and most maligned figures of the twentieth century. This symposium will explore the work, writings and legacy of this important and controversial modernist and their relationship to contemporary architecture, art and urbanism.

Keynote Speaker: M. Christine Boyer, Professor, Urbanism, William R. Kenan, Jr. Professor of Architecture.
M. Christine Boyer, who joined the faculty in 1991, is an urban historian whose interests include the history of the American city, city planning, preservation planning, and computer science. Her publications include Dreaming the Rational City: The Myth of American City Planning 1890-194), Manhattan Manners: Architecture and Style 1850-1900, The City of Collective Memory), and CyberCities).

Exhibition: The Lens of Architecture: Ronchamp through Hervé
curated by Carl Safe. This exhibition features photographs of Le Corbusier’s Ronchamp by his noted photographer Lucien Hervé. Mr. Safe will host a gallery talk with Julian Cox, curator of photography for the High Museum on Friday Feb. 27th at 3:30pm.

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